Deploying Windows 10 devices with Windows Autopilot and Microsoft Intune is worth looking into. Windows Autopilot can automatically configure these devices and enrol them in your organisation. In this post you will learn how to enrol a Windows 10 virtual machine into the Windows Autopilot program.

In this post I will be only talking about a virtual machine, but this guide can also be used to enrol a physical device into Windows Autopilot. You can always delete a registration after you’re done with testing.


  • Configure Azure Active Directory automatic enrollment (Documentation).
  • Configure Azure Active Directory branding (Documentation).
  • You need an eligible Microsoft 365 license or evaluation license.
  • Configure Deployment Profile in Microsoft Intune (Documentation).
  • Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine or an hypervisor (VirtualBox, VMWare or Parallels).

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Virtual machine installation

For this post I will be using a Windows 10 instance on Microsoft Azure. When you’re using a virtual machine on your local machine, make sure you download the official Windows 10 ISO. Install the machine as you normally would and make sure you end up on the Windows 10 desktop.

Gather hardware information

Log into your Windows 10 virtual machine. You will run a PowerShell script to retrieve the required information to add the virtual machine to the Windows Autopilot program. It will gather these values from the device:

  • Device Serial number
  • Windows Product ID
  • Hardware Hash
  • Manufacturer name
  • Device model

Those values will output to a CSV which we can upload in the Microsoft Azure portal.

PowerShell script

Import virtual machine to Intune and Windows Autopilot

  • Select Manage Windows Autopilot devices.

On this page you can keep track of all devices imported by yourself or your third-party reseller. There are also possibilities to automatically register existing devices to the Autopilot program.

  • Click on Import and upload the your CSV that you have generated from our virtual machine.
  • Your device should be visible within a few minutes.

Verify enrolment

When the import is succeeded and processed, you should now see your device in your Windows Autopilot devices. Make sure the Profile Status for the device is set to Assigned. You can now start your Windows 10 virtual machine and start enrolling the device with Windows Autopilot!